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We're a Burning Man sanctuary camp with members based globally

Orphan Asylum is a hodgepodge crew of misfits who come together through careful planning, organization and a dash of straight anarchy to create a unique social experiment that has not been terrible yet so far.

We rely on the kindness of strangers, and making them not so strange (or stranger, depending) by the end of the burn, as well as providing sanctuary to strangers on playa in need of a desert home. We don't charge dues and are instead entirely donation-based from our past and current orphans.

Folks donate everything from money to org support to moral support to technical/skill support. Before the burn, we take in new camp members on an application-basis. 

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As a non-due camp, we're entirely powered by the love, time, and monetary donations of our members. If you'd like to camp with us (or just help us support future Orphans), please donate below. 

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Orphan Asylum is a global community of Burners who come together to offer friends and strangers alike sanctuary in the desert (and beyond). 

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